When you tell a joke but your friend says this:

This is the feeling that you get when you tell your friend a joke and they say "I don't care".
For my friends who have friends like this and now have grudges on them or somethin'.

You created quite an impressive animation with simple means. To be honest, while watching the last image, I found myself wanting to check how long it would last, as if it were a YouTube video. Tellingly, it turned out to be a “forever” loop.

It's great you found a way to express your feelings, two years after it started. I hope you’ll find some new, better friends eventually.

nice! your animations are really cool :D

how did you make your game run in the forum


how do i make the embed project work i clicked it and it gave me a file

paste it into the forums

Nice! I was hoping there would be an actual joke in it... Or at least a half-joke like

    untitled script pic (3)

Nice! (the animation, i mean)