When you post on a forum but get no response

This is sadly relatable and true.

Haha! nice animation, also very relatable!

Thank you so much!

T r u e .

I know, right?

This has got to have happened to everyone (Apart from the peoples who don't use social media and just watch tiktoks)

Like it or not, TikTok counts as a social media.
Also nice animation

By "use" I meant like commenting and such, but yeah!

Thank you for your support!

Wonderful! It needs to be featured on the main Snap! website.

This one has still no feedback and it's not so bad or ugly to deserve the ignorance, I guess.

Sad and true

Nice animation :+1:

I'm wondering, what's the accent of that voice?

It's from Spongebob or something.

I feel this now.

French narrator from spongebob

It's really fitting that you included "Everywhere at the End of Time" as the ending music. :laughing:

Yep. Not everyone knows about that song. So I put it there as an easter egg ;D