When will 10.0 come out?

When will 10.0 come out because there are some really cool blocks, libraries and settings in there

Be patient, I guess that Snap! 10.0 will be released this summer. I can't predict the exact date.

probably this summer

i may be wrong, because im not god or a 'the simpsons' animater, im just a human

i can see the future

I'm pretty sure it'll come out around Snap!shot 2024, seeing as how that's the big snap event this year.

Early December 23 2024

what? please dont necropost, especially to a solved topic.

should be the answer

wdym "early december 23", early in the day? also, where are you getting this info?

For the past 2-3 years, all major Snap! updates have been released during the summer