When stop button clicked block

Hi everybody, Can you add the when stop button clicked please. :grin: :pray:
when ( :: more blocks) clicked :: events hat
Create the ((when ( :: more blocks) clicked :: events hat) :: grey ring) :: control

Its already available

But it will only let you do a little bit more before fully stopping

Oh, ok, thanks.

I do not think this is what they were asking for. The title and description say-

Anyway, this project has an easy workaround-

The "when I'm stopped" block does that

That did not work for me.

Never mind. It is working now.

I tried, and it didn't work. I know it should work, but for me it doesn't. I'm using win10 google chrome.

It can only run for one frame


The purpose of this feature is to allow libraries to turn off hardware (think robots) when you say to stop your program. It's not to allow projects to ignore being stopped. The limitation to one display cycle is the way we try to meet those goals.

I don't have much internet to watch projects

Try this.

When Stop Sign Clicked script pic

When Stop Sign Clicked script pic 2

But the stop button turns off "when" blocks

Oh. Well in Scratch, they don’t

-deleted comment by @blockpointstudios-

Cause: Turns out the script doesn’t work

Just use the "when I am stopped" block!

Before : Thanks.
Edit : It has some bugs of course.

I see. Here is the code I wanted to show you-
when gf clicked
reset timer

when <(timer) > [0.1]> ::hat ::control
code to run