When someone farts... Animation

Please tell me what you think of the animation! This animation was made on an account I no longer use, but I found these animations and I was like "Dang, these deserve feedback!"

When someone farts...

I forgot how long I worked on this. I made the animations, got the sound effects, and timed the frames so it would look butter smooth. I also experimented with lip syncing (This is the first animation I ever made with lip syncing!). So judging about how I didn't know how to do lip syncing, and used a lip sync generator, it might have taken me a little more than half a week or maybe a week.

There's basically no lip syncing, except for one time a character's mouth opens and closes at the start...

Is anyone here?

I don't mean to be rude, but, doesn't look like it.



I like this animation. @Helicoptur, please don't be so critical. I know you aren't trying to be rude, but if you have something that is critical, don't say it at all. All that does is hurt your own image.

It's constructive criticism??????????

How is that constructive criticism?

Not that! The other thing I said.


That is constructive.

Yeah. I agree. But @helicoptur doesn't understand that

is rude or critical.

Kinda is.

what the heck is this lol

Glad you liked it!