When key pressed hat block vs keyboard repetition delay

In windows 7, this hat block use the keyboard delay configured in keyboard settings.
delay before repetition setting
repetition frequency setting

When i press a key, a delay (delay before repetition setting) occurs before the block run. When it start, it repeat on the frequency setting

i don't have this problem with this block.

it's supposed to happen, and if you don't want the delay, use
when <key [space v] pressed>::control hat

edit: I just realized that you're suggesting to use the delay that is set in the keyboard settings. Well in that case, idk what to do.

won't the wait [0] seconds block work?

I don't want the delay... i just realized this block use these settings... Who want use this block with this settings? If you want a delay or a frequency in your program add it... A new programmer will use this block by default because the block say When () key is pressed. A new programmer won't use the when block...

actually, sometimes it's better to use the when [key] pressed block. I usually use it when I don't want something to run while I'm pressing the key.

Someone making a text engine, maybe?

When I press a key, the first firing of the hat block happens immediately. The second firing happens after a delay.

This is standard key-repeat behavior. They do it that way because you might keep your finger on the key a semi-long time without meaning to repeat it. They wait long enough to be sure you really intend a repetition.

May be not happens immediately in windows 7? (Are you on a Mac?) Anyway, there is another solution...


Yes. But I'm surprised if it's different on Windows. When you're in an editor and press a key, doesn't the letter or whatever appear instantly? And then a while later if you keep the key pressed it starts adding more copies of the letter.

Sorry Brian, i've made an error... you're right! When i press "A", it immediately write an A, make a pause (delay before repetition) and repeat since i release "A" (inter-character delay of repetition frequency).

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