When I first came to Snap,

When I first came to Snap, I saw it as some temporary rip-off replacement to Scratch, as I sent an email to my principal the day prior asking for Scratch to be unblocked. (it was a hard NO)
Today, 3 years later, they actually did it (finally), they unblocked Scratch.

But, am I moving away from this beautiful community? Hell no.
Snap is no rip-off to Scratch; far from it.
Thank you for this platform, and I'm here to stay (and have been for about 3 years now)

Well said.

Snap!, a build inspired by Scratch, manages such a beautiful, albeit very small, community, full of aspiring creators. I'm glad you were part of it.

I have had access to both websites, and I frequently switched to both of them, but Scratch less frequently than the latter. I personally like small communities because they tend to have more positive members. I'm glad you are now forever a part of the history of Snap!!

I don't post as much anymore but I still do use Snap! frequently and I still do check the forums a lot. Glad to see you aren't leaving.

I feel like I'm an old user, as I joined in late 2019, and am still very active on the forum. I found snap because I was looking for scratch mods, specifically mods that I can create custom reporters in. Snap was the best one, and made the most sense. Although I stopped using scratch and snap a while ago, to create programs in html, css, javascript, and python, I still keep up to date with snap, learning about every new change, and I enjoy helping out on the forum (since I know so much about snap). Even though I don't use snap that often, I do sometimes actually open up snap when I'm trying to figure something out in another programming language, usually it's some math thing, or turtle graphics thing (a recent example is when I was working on a project for school to draw a pattern using the python turtle library. I used snap to figure out how to draw the pattern, and then just translated the code to python (not using codification though. Ccome to think of it, I should create a python turtle codification library for snap, as that might be the best thing to translation snap to)).

For me, I joined Scratch in Late August at about 2021, then left Scratch at the middle of July 2022 (about 10½ months!), though I joined Scratch again a few months later, although unused, I joined Snap! in late 2021, and this is currently my favorite programming language, and that's all, period.

I am so happy with this programming language,
this is my favourite one and I experiment with my
modification of it to give you the latest innovations
for the moment. :innocent:

Major update spoiler: :abacus:

I joined Snap! in July 2021, because I was pleading
to the developers in adding an autosave timing. :face_in_clouds:

Now I am one of the users that are more
active on the Snap! Forums. :wink::ok_hand:

I used to be a active Scratcher, making projects and remixes, but then when Scratch got blocked for me, except for a few devices, mainly PCs, I started looking for alternatives, and that's how I found Snap!. Now I'm active here, but sometimes I go on Scratch to see how it's doing. My Scratch username is actually the same username I use here, if anyone wants to see my projects.

Happy PI Day! And yes, I believe Snap! is no knockoff of Scratch; it's definitely its own entity by now.

I knew someone would say it before me.

Hehe r/beatmetoit.

Me too. I loved pi day... :slight_smile:

(why does it look like a table for me?)


$$\colorbox{#ef3204}{π = TABLE, not 3.14... Don't believe the lies!}$$

9:26:53 was SUPER PI SECOND!
Plus, I liked your story on this thread (if that's even what this is called, I don't know). It made me think of how I came to Snap!

Wish it was 2015, that way I can put 3/14/15, but whatever.


I honestly have been using Snap as a language a lot less frequently than I used to (mainly because of the lack of ideas), but I have been silently browsing the forums this whole time

Thank you all. I'm immensely proud of Snap!, even though my contribution to it has been tiny compared to Jens; I've written hardly any of the code. (He won't agree, citing my contributions to the design, but mainly that's just because I knew about functional programming before Jens did.) I'm so glad y'all are enjoying it!

And yeah, Happy Pi Day! A holiday invented by the Exploratorium, the best and most important science museum in the world.

Any contribution is still contribution :)

I came to Snap! out of curiosity, and I fell in love. I'm here to stay, and am glad you are too.