When <condition> block not working

It works here:

But not here:

Clicking the stop sign button changes it to a square and temporarily disables when blocks. Click the square button to change it back to a stop sign and allow when blocks to work again.

It's working now, thanks.

Is there a way for it to be in octagon mode by default?

It already starts as an octagon.

I mean how would you prevent it from turning into a square when you click the stop button?

You can't; we don't want anybody to be able to create an unstoppable script.

I need to execute a script when it stops.

If you want one script to continue and stop all other scripts, there is an option for that in the stop block.
Or, you can just click the red button twice.

But this is for MiniComp - First Snap! Collaboration in History and I can't expect other people to click it.