What's the best age to start learning snap!

i'm not a teacher; I'm in 2nd (oh why did I say second) I mean 3rd grade, and I don't think snap! is too advanced, I found snap! from a link in a scratch users signature, (I still use scratch) (less than snap though) and decided to stay here because I feel scratch has too many limits (sorry scratch team!). so I called my cousin (who is in grade K) and showed him snap (he already knows about scratch) and I asked him which he likes more. he says both. I did the same thing with my sister (who is in PK but I didn't call her because she lives with me (of course)), and she also says both. i'm just wondering, is there any age you should start learning snap! ? (so I know when to do snap with my sister)

Eh if you can handle snap then do what you do

If you can do algebra, no ones stopping you go learn it

Once upon a time, the Scratch Team were talking about age 8 as their intended lower limit, but it turned out that plenty of five-year-olds use Scratch, so they don't talk about a lower limit at all any more.

In that spirit, we don't have a lower limit either. You and your younger relatives are very welcome here. But when we're considering new features, we don't think "maybe this will be too hard for eight-year-olds." We design for 12 and up, and if younger users find Snap! useful, that's great!

thanks! now everything makes sense.

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