What's stoping sprite(4) from not moving left

my project:greenball positions74

well sometimes it'll say the question is awnsered when the question isn't awnsered. how do I make it so the questions says it's not answered?
on this game. sprite(4) will only move right. what is stopping the ball from moving left?

Unlike Scratch, answers from ask block are not cleared on green flag. To fix, just use this blank ask block when on green flag:
greenball positions74 script pic

This will clear your answers. Is this what you mean?

well that's a nother bug ,but 1st, sprite 4 will only move right
greenball positions74 script pic
on it's x axis. why is sprite 4 only moving right and how can I make sprite 4 move left to. I am using and sprite(4) is sitll only moving right on it's x axis.
you can see the script if you look if you look up the project:greenball positions74

Do you have a "When left arrow key pressed changes x by 10" or something like that?

yes but another block is stopping that and I can't find the block on the script can you find the block in the script?
the name of the project is on the top of the topic.

The least one can say is you’re tenacious :wink:

Yes, true.