What's new to Snap! 8.0.0!

Snap! 8.0.0 has been out for one month. Let's talk about it and what's new!


What's new in the "Motion" category.

Position Block:
There's a new block called "Position". This block basically reports a sprite's X and Y positions and puts them in a list.


What's new in the "Looks" category.



What's new in the "Sound" category.



What's new in the "Pen" category.



What's new in the "Events" category.

Many blocks...
These blocks are...well, I don't know what I can do with these. Figure it out.

That's all I've got...

Oh my gosh look at this


It’s weird that with a quote you still have to add words, also holy that’s a huge list.


You especially need your own words in a message with a big quotation, because maybe people have already seen what you're quoting, and you shouldn't make them wade through it again if you have nothing to add.

Yeah. This is definitely a major release!

You might want to watch Jens's presentation on it at Snap!Con: Snap!Con 2022: What's cooking in Snap! - YouTube

OOOOH, bh your dream finally came true.

Yep! Also alright to the first said thing.

Yes! Except we still have to ensure hygienic macros.


It means setting up the macro system so that a macro can refer to its own variables and to the caller's variables, but without problems if they both have a variable of the same name.

Omg, wait, didn't I make a block-definer-block?

Edit: Yes, I did!
Lol so I already remade a block without using that block before I even started that series
Edit 2: And it still works today??