What will come out in 7.0?

Cloud anyone tell me what will be added in Snap! 7.0?

I think thats a surprise @sir_kitten2. why do you have two users.

I'd imagine that 6.10 will come out next, if the developers follow proper semantic versioning :crossed_fingers:

They're planning a major update for 7.0, but if they push another minor update after 6.9, then it will most likely be called 6.10.

JS will be back and be different.

Version numbers are not the same thing as decimal numbers, it's just that they both use the period/decimal point/full stop. Think of them more as two separate numbers - the major version 6, and the minor versions 9 and 10 of that major version.

Post from the FAQ
Please stop saying that.

Post from the FAQ

Do you really need me to call the mods?

Don't create a post, just flag it and maybe contact the mods

I have emailed contact@snap.berkeley.edu

Ok cool. Now this person can get out of my hair.

i got a TON of notifications of that spamming, he needs to stop

I don't think he cares anyways and is only intent on spamming. For some reason spam has intensified recently and I have a feeling they are the same people

They could ban his IP...

No scratch is bubbly and for younger people Snap! is for older people and more professional. Snap! is more for schools rather then just for fun.

Edit: Judging from the creation date of this account they appear to be a bot account that was just created so the real person does not get in trouble. We have an imposter amongst us?

necropost, sorry
the use of "e" in that context is something my scratch community came up with... odd

another necropost, sorry


I do not know…