What time are events at Snap!com?

The reason I ask this question is because I live in Australia and so I need to know what time (for me) the events are so I know if I can be present or not. @bh . I will attend online if I can be there for a significant proportion of the event.

IIRC they normally start at 8am Berkeley time which I work out to be 1am ish your time so not so good for you :frowning:

They start then so it doesn't run too late for us Europeans (especially Jens of course)

Um Berkeley time to what ever time florida uses is?

Berkeley is Pacific, Florida is Eastern. I believe that means 11am-ish Florida, 10am-ish Central (well, Chicago Central).

Damn, so I'm probably not going to be on if its on a week day

It's August 4-7. That's Thursday to Sunday (4 - Thursday, 5 - Friday, 6 - Saturday, 7 - Sunday), although the events are different each day(?).


Each day's events are 11am-4pm Florida time. I don't know when Australia time is, but our events are 1500-2100 UTC, if that helps. Oh wait if I'm reading xkcd: Now correctly, that's indeed 1am-7am on the east coast of Australia. We keep talking about finding a better way to accommodate Asians and you guys but it's just not possible to have greeat times for everyone at once!

If this year's schedule turns out to be like the past two years, there will be workshops in the first hour, then a short break, then keynotes 16:15 UTC, then a half-hour food break, then two hours, each of which is four talks, one panel, or two BOFs (Birds of a Feather, sessions organized on the fly by the people attending).

There's an optional fifth slot 20:15 UTC for social activities.

Typically the Thursday keynote is Jens and Jadga on what's new in Snap!, and the last session Sunday is a panel of all of us core staff on what's planned for the future.

We're working on the schedule right now, so there should be a formal announcement soon on snapcon.org and in the forum.

is this 2022-08-04T15:00:00Z2022-08-04T21:00:00Z right? (you can click the date to get it in your time zone)

It's four days, each of them the times you said. Each day is different, so four keynotes, 16 workshops of which you can only attend 4 since each workshop session has four parallel strands, etc.

Hmm. I can use my gamer sleep schedule to go to two of them. But I won't be doing that on days I have school following. I'll decide if it's worth it.