What should I do for Multidimensional BEAF Arrays?

I've completed planar arrays for BEAF, but how do I make beyond? I want to stop at BEAF structure: X^X, because beyond that are tetrational structures which are ill-defined.
For example:
{a,b(2)2} = {a,a(1)a,a(1)a,a...(b times)}
{a,b(1)2(2)2} = {a,a,a,...(b times)(2)2}
{a,b(2)3} = {a,a(1)a,a(1)a,a...(b times)(1)a,a(1)a,a(2)2}
{a,b(2)n} = {a,a(1)a,a(1)a,a...(b times)(1)a,a(1)a,a(2)n-1}
{a,b(2)1,2} = {a,a(2){a,a(2)...(b times)}}
{a,b(3)2} = {a,a(2)a,a(2)a,a...(b times)}
{a,b(n)2} = {a,a(n-1)a,a(n-1)a,a...(b times)}
That's the limit for multidimensional arrays, which I want to make. The answer is probably simple.