What’s planned for 9.0.0? Also what is an “agent”?

I already know about a few features like the “this [ v]” block but is there anything else planned for it? Like for example an audio encoder so sound works on apple devices?

The full list of changes I’ve found so far are:
1: the continuation blocks have been removed in favor of the “(this [continuation v])” block
2: an entirely new function “(this [caller v])” that lets custom blocks see why they where called
3: a new “([shuffled v] of {list})” option and “([sorted v] of {list})” option
4: the “<[] is a [ v]>” block has “script” and “agent” as options?? I’ve never seen anything about agents
5: the reshape list block now has a text input instead of a list (maybe a mistake?)

The one I’m the most interested in is the “agent”
What is an agent and how is it different than a sprite?
(I have no idea if discussing stuff like this is allowed or not)

for info on in-development features, I’d look at Snap/HISTORY.md at master · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub

Not a mistake; if the first input is not a list, it gets inserted into all the cells of the table.

It can also be the stage. We're saying "agent" rather than "object" because it doesn't include costumes or sounds. They're not agents because they don't run code; they're just data.

By the way, I think there will be an 8.3 with the stuff you listed. 9.0 is a ways off and will have more substantial changes...

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