What’s a xmi file

What’s a xmi. File? When you download it it says download xmi. What does that mean?

I meant download a snap file

xml is something that stores data
download xml means download stuff

If your coming from Scratch - it saves a projects in an .sb3 file (which is basically a standard compressed .zip file with the main code held in project.json)

Snap! uses another method of packaging data and its projects are .xml files

Anyone who's reading this and thinks there's any excuse for sans serif fonts should look more closely at the title of this thread.

i thought that he thought"because url is uri so xml is xmi"

Okay I didn’t know what that was or an xmi was

I thought it was an i not l

Yeah, I know, that was my point. It's not your fault; it's the fault of the idiot sans serif font in which ilI|! are all almost indistinguishable. As opposed to 𝐢𝐥𝐈|! which are way easier to distinguish. Everyone my age hates sans serif fonts; many younger people seem to prefer them for some incomprehensible reason.

Which reminds me I hate Futura because in it the lowercase "j" has no curve in the descender. Along with it being sans-serif.

recently xkcd made a comic about serifs

I despise sans serif

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