What is your favorite project from your own list?

Mine is this one
(if you have a heart condition, lower the volume...)

Give us a link to yours !


This one is my favorite project from my own list.

Vee, of course!

P.S. Although the Picture project from SICP 2.2.4 is also pretty amazing.

Here's a version of the code from the book without the solutions to exercises.

I think my best project is Nation Capitals Quiz. I first published it on 9/26/22, and I've been working on it ever since.

I have been around here very long, but my best so far is Snap!nix.[Citation Needed]

my favorite is minecraft:)

This one's quite interesting, my favorite though would have to be this pen project, it makes a very cool three-dimensional looking pattern.

Why does the project use Gobo?



Meet Alonzo:

Apart from loucheman's observation, I didn't have anything in particular in mind; it's a straight turtle graphics project and the turtle costume would have been a better fit. I think I must have had that costume left over from a previous project in the workspace or something.

My favorite has to be my sound editor. Yes it does use javascript, but I only used javascript for playing and pausing the sound (allowing it to play from a specific time, not just the beginning, as well as determining if the sound is paused already. Yes, I know I can kind of do that without javascript, but that is actually pretty slow, and not as error free.), but most importantly, importing a sound from a file. The actual sound editing is all done using snap.

Also, now that I have been able to recreate audacity's adjustable fade in python, I may go back into this project and add it in as another effect.

I actually just went into this project to remove a javascript dialog I added, and replaced it with the snap menu system. I originally created the project before that was added, so that's why I didn't use it.