What is wrong with the animation library?

I'm pretty sure this should work standalone from everything else. Why does the animation library have undefined blocks?

It's everywhere!


untitled script pic (6)

It was updated recently and some of the core blocks were altered e.g the multiply reporter
But mine looks like this so it may just be your system.

Try doing a hard reload and see if that sorts you out

I had already done that before for the new update, but I'll try.

Ok, it worked.

Good god! That's a lot of Undefined reporters!

The release of 7.3 has a slight change to the + and × blocks, so if a project is saved under 7.3 and then loaded under an earlier release it can have this behavior. Updating all your old browser tabs to 7.3 will fix it.

It was a completely new project after I had already done a hard reset and had the new + and × blocks, so just a bit of a strange occurance.

What was the slight change? I'm just curious.

New variadic input