What is this spreadsheet?

I don't know where to post this forum post so I decided to post it here.

If you look on the bottom, there is a picture of a spreadsheet (The black marker is covering my User Avatar, which can easily be used to trace down my account.)

[DATA EXPUNGED]. I put all that stuff out because it makes me look like I'm pointing fingers, which is something I did.

This is from my post, Collaboration Requests

I made that sheet as I was exploring the form crossed with sheets features. I don’t get the context of this post exactly?

How did you find out about my email?

What do you mean?

Nevermind...I realized how.

Where does it say your email?

If you are using the document it will display your profile picture at the top right as you are using it. That’s all. I made it so it doesn’t require email nor does it log your email in private results or public results.

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