what is this block?

um i don't know what to do with this block even though i created it can someone help me please?

P.S here's a photo of it:
untitled script pic (15)

you can't make a command block report something, but you can make a reporter that reports.

What's the block supposed to do? try to report the first one and if there's an error it reports the second input? if so, you can just look in the catch errors library.

To code the block, read page 28 in the refrance manual.

If you want someone to explain your code to you, you have to show us your code! (Not just what the block looks like on the outside.)

then what aboutt the report block

well ii coded it to report something else report another thing

ok, it's kind of hard to explain, but just try this script
block spript
(which is basically the same as this script run report script