What is the key code for Numpad2 in Snap!?

I want to detect the Numpad2 key separately from the regular 2 key. Is there a specific name for it, or are they just both linked to "2"?

I believe it depends on the state of the NumLock key and/or some OS setting. In other words, there's a lot of software between the key and Snap!. We get keycodes after OS processing, so my guess is that we just see "2." People have asked before for us to get the pre-OS key value, and people have, iirc, made projects to do that (using JS). But don't ask me to point you at one because you now know all I remember. :~/

textMorph script pic
40 (down arrow) without NLock
98 otherwise

Just as an example. I really need 2 and 3.

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