What is Snap!Con?

From what the website says, I know it's a conference and gathering for block-based programming, but is there anything else to it? Does Jens or Brian announce the next Snap ! version, or is it only hosted for these conferences?

We do try to schedule new versions for Snap!Con, but that's not a Rule or anything.

You might look at the YouTube playlists from past conferences to get an idea of the kinds of sessions that happen. For example, here's last year's conference.

It's everything from five-minute lightning talks, just to let people know what you're working on, to hour-long detailed presentations of big projects, grading software, Snap! extensions such as NetsBlox and TurtleStitch, curricula, and the occasional academic research paper. It's mainly aimed at adults, but we've always had a few kids attending, especially at virtual conferences. Like all conferences everywhere, the most important thing that happens is people getting together in the corridor for spur-of-the-moment conversations. (We've used virtual "corridors" at virtual conferences, which is better than nothing but not as good as f2f.)

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