What is “report compiled”?

I found a block (10.0 but may be in other versions) that I can’t seem to ever get to show up (it’s not even in dev mode) only place I can see it is in the “selector” menu when holding down a custom hat block, then clicking the down arrow on the text feild

It also appears in the “primitive” block drop-down
Where does this block appear?

from my digging in the source code I think it compiles blocks to JavaScript.

edit: here's an example I got from editing the XML:
xml script pic (1)
edit 2: it's obviously still in its early stages
xml script pic (2)

Not necessarily. Note that the gray ring is a reporter ring Jens-Church-solution script pic not a command ring Jens-Church-solution script pic (1). I think the goal is to support hyperblock-style functional programming. (But I could be wrong... I guess you're going by the "yet" in the error message.)

I’ve seen this block many times it compiles blocks to JavaScript and I use it sometimes for Snap! Mods cuz it compiles blocks to code for the blocks so just put it in a thread or something or whatever idk? But I know how to use it and it’s pretty useful and you can get it by shift clicking on the gear icon and then look in operators but first you have to shift click on the gear icon and then click JIT Compiler something and then enable JavaScript extensions and you have to enable putting blocks in reporter rings

It's in other versions too. (tested in 9.1.1)

Shift-click the gear icon and enable both "JavaScript extensions" and "JIT compiler support".

What happens if I put answer:

Just experiment it yourself! It's not restricted to only operators!

Then, I put the reporter inside call and it's a working block, again! (the last answer is "test")

I'm sure it generates the JavaScript for a reporter.

You can always do that. It's one of the core defining characteristics of Snap!.

... Oh, wait, I see. You mean you have to enable putting command blocks in reporter rings. Yeah, that's more complicated.

naw, allowing command blocks inside reporter rings has been standard for the last 5 years!

Yeah I know but you do have to think about whether the script reports and if not what happens upstream.

sure, but syntactically we allow nesting command stacks inside reporter rings since 5 years. Before that you had to twiddle around, first ringify the command block and then drop it onto the reporter-ring to replace it.

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