What is it like to be banned/suspened on the Snap! website?

(Don't ban me, even though that would answer my question, but I'm just curious about it.)

What is it like to be suspended or permanently banned? I've been IP Banned before due to me being curious and trying to see the snap! admin stuff (PLEASE GUYS DON'T MAKE THIS INTO A OFF-TOPIC TOPIC IT MAKES ME MAD >:( !!!)

But yeah, I just want a summary of like the different types of bans, that's all!

(P.S. i know someone has probably made a topic like this or something but like I want to know my self!! and I'm also kinda lazy lol.)

take care, mods!

Yeah,so we will make this a moderator flag

Oh, we send two guys with machine guns over to your house and kneecap you.

I mean, what do you mean, "what is it like"? You spend more time doing whatever it is you do when you're not on Snap!. Perhaps you spend some of the time contemplating why other people seem be annoyed by behavior you consider funny.

I'm pretty sure I can count on my thumbs the number of people who've been permanently banned, other than spammers advertising stuff, actual stuff, not Snap! projects, for sale. Even that has slowed down a lot; fewer than one per week. Those people are IP banned.

The other way to get IP banned is automatically, by the site software. And we're backing off of that for things that actual Snap!pers do, because of the undesired consequence of IP banning the schools of Snap!pers who do bad things. We can be forced into it by DOS attacks, which the human staff aren't fast enough to prevent.

If you're asking exactly how many days you get banned for which bad behavior, I'm afraid there's no consistency about that. It depends on who gets annoyed enough to ban you, and (at least if it's me) on what other annoying things are happening in our lives that week. But (at least if it's me) we try several times to convince you to stop doing whatever it is before resorting to banning.

TL;DR: Just don't be obnoxious because you're all basically decent people, not because you're worried about being banned.

He is asking "what popup would pop up and log me out when i get banned in the snap.berkely.edu"
which is a dumb question and not to be discussed here

I'd bet that the OP wants to be "slightly" :rofl: banned to check if it can overcome the ban with a proxy or something...

You have some of the best replies to serious topics.

I also like this one from a while back:


This wasn't a serious topic. What you mean is, I like to hear myself talk.

Anyways your post are really funny and nice to see sometimes :slight_smile:



That's good that the number of people who have gotten banned Is that small, Very surprised as this is the internet.

As I said, spammers (people who got an account with us only to advertise irrelevant things) do get permanently banned. But very few actual Snap!pers.

I've been banned before due to a fight between me and helicoptur, and also because I was talking crap about Scratch.

Basically you can't sign in on the Forums, but you can sign in on Snap! by itself. There's just a blank screen, only consisting of the top bar with the Snap Forum logo and everything else, but below it says "Banned on [TIME]"

A line below that says "Reason: [REASON]".

EDIT: It has been a while since I've touched Snap! and a while since I've even been banned on Snap! so this might be incorrect. That's all my brain can recall.

oh cool! thanks for sharing!

There are two independent banning mechanisms. So you could be banned on Snap! itself and/or on the forum. On the someday list is to combine these, but really, it's not much fun dealing with banning people when there are more positive things we could be doing.

I'm closing this; I think it's more than exhausted the subject.