What is https://api.allorigins.win/

Self-explanatory I know it has to do with the URL block.
(also what is CORS)

It has nothing to do with the URL block. As for what CORS and the site is, just google it. This isn't related to Snap!

It has to do with the URL block because snap! uses CORS.

no, it doesn't.
api.allorigins.win can grab html from any site.

Just google it

I think you guys are being a little mean. The reason people care about CORS proxies with Snap! is that the URL block isn't nearly as useful as we'd like without one. So it's totally Snap!-related imho.

@sir_kitten2: Browsers include rules to prevent the site to which you connected (e.g., snap.berkeley.edu) making web requests to unrelated sites without their permission. It's not a very robust security feature since it runs in the client and real bad guys would just patch their browsers to disable it. The object of the exercise is to prevent someone setting up a web site that scrapes the data from a different web site and adds their own advertising, I think. But the point is, most web sites don't bother changing the default setting, namely no scraping allowed, and that breaks the URL block.

So people invented the CORS proxy, which is basically a program that runs on some server and pretends to be a browser but what it really does is send the data from whatever URL you give it back to your actual browser. These things come and go, because there's really no way to make money running one, and the Powers That Be put pressure on the systems that host one to make it go away.

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