What is happening to my Snap?! Bug?


The white line acts like my cursor and what is up with all the new settings and cloud junk? Why is it red? It enables in my projects when I re name a sprite. This has been happening but I would just reload after saving now it’s just a nuisance. @bh Is this supposed to happen? Maybe I am clicking something?

These are not bugs, they are features that happen when the shift key is held down, and you click on that thing. The extra menu items are hidden options. The white line in the editor is just keyboard editing, which is not a hidden feature (click the keyboard button at the top right corner of the scripts area).

You're problem is that your shift key must be stuck. When that happens and you're not holding shift, just press both the shift keys and then it might be fixed.

How is that possible if I’m on iPad when it happens.

well, then try closing the web browser and then opening it back up. I don't know how to fix the problem if it's on ipad. That's a problem with your device.

I’ll see if bh knows why it keeps happening. It is really annoying though.

On the forums I am currently on Mobile (iPad) and there is a Mobile view button. The Desktop view is better than the Mobile view for iPad. Mobile view is probably for phone.

Edit: Also bh isn’t there a way we can send PM’s on Snap! cause when I got the trust level promotion things a longgggg time ago in the link about trust levels it said regulars could send PM’s like system does.

Edit 2: Snap! forums are YouTube.

Yeah, thats a browser glitch. Snap is google for me.

Ego-lay_atman-bay is correct; it's because you have shift down. It's documented and everything:

(page 86 of the manual).

But I am on iPad every time it happens

The link about trust levels is for Discourse itself, but for the Snap! forum, PM's are disabled except for staff, which can send PM's to any user.


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