What happens when you are banned from Snap?

Yep, IP bans the schools IP causing all devices on that network not using a VPN or such to be terminated when using that address.

wait so @bh when you ip banned me i could just go on the snap forums at school? (possibly getting the whole school banned)

i've never been banned, i wonder what its like (mods pls don't ban)

Yes you could.

imagine your school had a snap project due, so you just decided to do something super stupid on your behalf while at school, causing the whole school to be ip banned

this gives me some "Ferb, I have an idea." vibes

The teachers would probably NOT like it. They won't suspect you, but the mods will probably have to expect a bunch of angry emails complaining about it.

This is far from being true. Most of our users are cooperative and helpful, and we ban only as a last resort after several ignored warnings.

I'm deleting this topic (except for this post) because it's very antisocial in tone -- starting with the assumption that everyone behaves in ways that would get them banned -- and also because it's devolved into a discussion criticizing Scratch, which is specifically disallowed in our ToS.