What happens to my projects if i get perma banned(legitimate question)?would i still be able to edit them

I was wondering since people have been perma banned recently,what happens to their projects on the main site?i know their account gets WIPED FROM EXISTENCE on the forums,but what about the community site?will we be able to log in to our accounts on there?or are we WIPED FROM EXISTENCE on the community snap site

I know this is a stupid question for most of you to answer but i'd like to know what happens to my projects if i get perma banned on snap

There are two types of bans, one for the forums and one for the site.

If you get banned from the forums, you can still use the community site. If you also manage to get banned from the community site, you won't be able to share or publish anything, but you can still use your account.

Basically, you're forbidden to interact with the community, but can keep on using Snap!.

(And no user gets wiped from existence unless explicitly requested by themselves.)

They haven't been wiped from existence, though. Their user still exists, but it's permanently banned. There's a difference between unusable and deleted :wink:

(closing this now)