What happened to the Hummingbird Library?

I've coded a program in Snap, saved it to the cloud, and now I would like to add in some blocks to control the Hummigbird. However, the library is now missing from Snap! and is not available to import. Is there a way to import those blocks rather than having to connect the hummingbird to the bluebird connector?

can someone fill me in on what the hummingbird is

oh ok

It was difficult to keep the blocks up to date in the Hummingbird library, and we also rolled out a webapp for Hummingbird in Snap! that used a somewhat different set of blocks such that if you loaded the Hummingbird library while using our webapp, the Hummingbird blocks would not work. For those reasons, we asked for it to be removed. You can access the blocks directly by going to the following link:

That's a shame. All of my students will now have to start over since the blocks disappear when they open their program from the cloud. Even after using the link above, the blocks disappear if you didn't start program with them already in view.

Any chance you would consider loading them in for about the next 2 months?

that's actually not right. If the students open the link above and then save their projects either to the cloud or locally to their computer, the project will always have those blocks in them. Once a block has been imported into a projects it stays there until you remove it yourself. The idea of a Snap project is that it is completely self-sustained, i.e. it contains everything it relies on with no (dynamic) outside dependencies.

Thanks Jens,
However, they have already started their projects without the blocks. If you click on the link and then try to open a project in the cloud, the Hummingbird blocks disappear. If you can start a project in snap and then get the library to load after the fact I welcome the instructions in how to do so. I could not get it to work today.

AFAIK you can simply export all the blocks from the starter project above into a library and import that library into existing other projects to add them.

OMG! Yes you can! Thank you. I tested it and it worked. Hallelujah!

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