What happened to snap?

this happened when i tried to access snap

It's just because the certificates are out of date. It's not a big deal; click "Advanced" and "Continue to website"

Thanks for reporting this. It's now fixed.


button doesn't exist for this error. you cant access a website with an expired security certificate that uses https.

You don't have to worry, dude. It's fixed.

i know. just saying that it is a big deal if the security certificate expires. no one can access the site if it expires.

So how long does it take to update a security certificate?

Once we were aware of it, it took about 20 minutes. We don't yet know, I think, why it wasn't renewed automatically as it should have been.


How do you renew a certificate? Or, even make one?

Not my department, so I don't know the details, but I think the usual thing is you pay some Certificate Authority to make you one. It's a digitally signed file that says you're who you say you are. There are lots of CAs; your browser will give you a list of the ones it recognizes if you ask it in Settings somewhere.

You can also use a certificate that you make yourself, but browsers are skeptical about those.

It is like in the files of your website?

I think so.

I actually had to install certificates on a bunch of devices for my school district lately, so I think I know what I'm doing with this.

A certificate is a RSA-encrypted file containing information about the issuer and the server.

Why don't you ever reply to people?

I do sometimes.


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