What happened to Snap! forums?

I haven't been in the forum for a few days and...

Not sure if it's Discourse's fault but they made twothree defects! First, the editing toolbar was removed from the "Create a new Topic" and replying options and second, the Home Page button also disappeared. Also, guess what? The helpful suggestions in mobile has also disappeared (such as popular tags when typing # or emojis when typing :).

I'm currently using mobile. But if I'm on desktop it's completely fine.

I never used snap on phone and till now I didn't observed anything like that.

I'm on mobile, and I still have the suggestions, as well as the toolbar. The only thing I have missing is the Home Page link, which I have a feeling might have something to do with the most recent issue with the links being replaced (which was fixed).

Finally, the toolbar in editing and suggestions has been added back.