What formatting is available on the forums?

I'm just wondering what HTML and BBCode is allowed on the forums here.

The placeholder text in the typing box says that Markdown, BBCode, and HTML are usable to format your posts.

However, there are so many different types of Markdown and BBCode, and with HTML, there's probably a whitelisted set of tags, lest this site becomes an XSS paradise.

Would someone be kind enough to provide a list of what is available and what isn't?

Well I don't know all of what is available or not, but here is what I know works:

This guide works: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide
but you can also use ```(language or nothing) to put code blocks

BBCode tags b, u, i, img, url

HTML: p, em, b, i, small, big, <iframe src="https://snap.berkeley.edu/...">, a, img, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, br

I'm not sure any of us knows a definitive list. You could check the Discourse site for the official documentation. Or just experiment!

Okay, after searching around, I found this Meta forum post detailing the available tags.

The one thing I was most curious about was the BBCode part of it, because BBCode is highly known for having modifications done to it.

Here's what I found:


Discourse basically uses CommonMark, most standard Markdown should work.

The CommonMark specification for tables also works:

| Header | Another |
| One    | Two     |
Header Another
One Two


The standard subset of BBCode should work:


Notably, BBCode is the only way to get underline (the <u> HTML tag does not work).

There are also tags that are not part of the official BBCode specification:



[quote="bh, post:3, topic:6703"]
I'm not sure any of us knows a definitive list. You could check [the Discourse site](https://www.discourse.org/) for the official documentation. Or just experiment!


I haven't yet found a definitive list of HTML, only the fact that it should only be used if utmost necessary.

well, I do know that the <script>...</script> tags don't work, I have tried using them. I do know why the don't work... for security reasons.

Yeah, an update, I saw this from the meta:

However, we only support a “safe” subset of HTML. I’ll have to dig to find the specifics, but anything common you’d expect to work that isn’t crazy – like <script> – should work.


What does that do?



I think

oh, cool

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