What dose the warp block help you with

the warp block makes things go faster with warp blockwithout warp block
tell me witchyou lik beter

not helpful
you should explain the threading system and why you shouldn't put warp on wait/forever

Um...this isn't really much of a tutorial. You should post this in #show-projects instead.

click the WITHOUT WARP and you will watch a project that doesn't have a warp block. click the WITH WARP BLOCK and you will go to my project that has a warp block.

What WARP does is prioritize execution of the current script over other jobs Snap! usually keeps your system busy with, mostly checking for events. You won't see any difference if most of the time the current script is waiting anyway, like in @petruvius 's example. Below is a script that really shows the difference (in this case, it's huge):

untitled script pic (85) vs. untitled script pic (84)

So WARP is useful for time-consuming calculations, at the cost of e.g. screen pictures and variable reporters not being updated for some time. Like @d4s_over_dt4 wrote: don't use warp around e.g. WAIT blocks and FOREVER loops, as that would unnecessarily slow down other scripts, big time!

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