What does the script mean by "expecting a list"

Screenshot 2024-03-11 9.16.21 AM

"expecting a list" means that they only accept lists, but you specify something other than that.

If "Possible Move Indexes" isn't supposed to be a list then maybe you'd want to use the library text contains block instead


I guess you (@mtrout_27) do want untitled script pic 226 to be a list.
Apparently it is a number though.
Perhaps the variable wasn’t initialized as a list (untitled script pic 227) - after creation a variable’s value is always 0, so a number.

What you could do to further research the issue is insert the following blocks immediately before the contains block:

untitled script pic 229

This will stop execution, display the value of the variable, and probably run into the same error, but now at least you know what the value was, which may help you find the root cause of the problem. And / or you could walk through the code being executed in Step Mode. See the Reference Manual, section 1F.

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