What does the Object Input do?

The object input is the turtle-shaped input that you can add to your custom blocks. It seems I cannot put anything in it, What goes in it, and once that is figured out, what can it do?

I've been wondering this too. You can put other blocks in it, but im not sure what that does

It's just made for inputs that are sprites. Like, I can say

untitled script pic (12)

I don't know for sure, but I think that costumes and sounds might be objects. If they aren't, please correct me.

the object input is basically an any input, just you can't type things into it, like the list input. It's really just a visual thing to indicate that it's supposed to be an object. The input itself doesn't do anything special, it's the code that the input is used for that matters.

You can put a reporter in it that reports a sprite.

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