What does that mean?

I keep seeing Brian say "When Things Slow Down:tm:", while I have a slight idea, I'm still not sure, does anyone know, or maybe Brian could give a short explanation?

It means, "we know we should do this, and we really want to, but something more urgent always comes along."

Do you actually have the list written down, and if you do, where? (I kinda want to see it.)

Writing down the list is probably one of the items on the list. :wink:
(granted, that was cheesy … just too much fun not to remark)

No, although I could probably list a couple of dozen things from memory, and I can't imagine we'll ever get that far!

I'd assume you can just search the forum for "When Things Slow Down" and I'd assume you'd get a pretty big list of the stuff you've said that to.

Oh yeah huh. I'm not computer literate. :~/

incomplete list based on forum search

This one is happening. Mostly ready I think.

Oh, yeah. I saw that in the dev branch.