What does it mean to "bump" a post and is it allowed?

I was wondering what it means when someone says "bump" on a topic. Can anyone tell me?

When you post on a topic, it bumps that topic to the top of everyone's homepage. So it's just a way to give topics more recognition.

Oh. It seems like the kind of thing that's not allowed. Am I right?

The actual quote is this:

I see.


are the solution.

"are", in this case.


But bumping your own topic isn't afaik.

I just edited my post to include the actual quote.

"Necroposting" (bumping a topic that's been dead for months) is what's semi-officially frowned upon. That's what the discussion above is about.

But, besides that, you should bear in mind that bumping any topic, even an active one, is akin to tugging on people's sleeves to attract their attention. We have had people repeatedly bump topics that are only an hour old, and that's just as annoying as repeatedly tugging on someone's sleeve. Remember that not all of us live our entire lives in front of their computer.

Bumping is good for the situation in which you've asked a question, it's a week later, and nobody has answered it.

Correction: Doing the above and not providing any meaningful continuation of the topic.

Yeah, okay, but arguably starting a new thread would be better in that case than reviving a dead one (so that people have to start at the old beginning to know what you're talking about, even if it all turns out to be irrelevant to your new point).

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