What does [cst] mean?

This block is the primitives block.
Primitives script pic
I was wondering, what is cst, and how do you use it?

cst is short for costume.

You probably don't ever need to touch the primitive block, as most of the functions are used in the libraries, which make it easier to use, and mitigate having to understand what the inputs are (and what order they go in).

I also don't know what that function does from looking at it, which is also a good reason to not use the primitive block. It's only meant for advanced users creating javascript extensions.

It's only meant for the one person who wrote the one library for which we added that function to the language. Don't think "the cool kids use PRIMITIVE."

Do you know how smart scripts open after dragging them over the Snap! window? There's code embedded into it that imports the new blocks into the app. Using the block imports data into the app, which you can open if you right click > export then drag into the window, or right click > get data/blocks/project. If the data is non-XML, it will return as a variable. If the data is XML, Snap! will attempt to open the data. I will soon elaborate with a block.

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