What do you think about this Snap! Wiki logo?

Hey! I'm making a Snap! Wiki and I think this is a good logo:


I made it with Photoshop. What do you think about it?

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I kinda like it!

I mean, the "Wiki" font should either be more modern-ish (Think like Arial or Nunito font) or more fancy-ish (Think like Times-New Roman font).

Thank you :star_struck:!

Literally, I used the same Forum font from the Snap! Forum logo

That would just make the wiki text seem out of place. It looks better if the wiki text is the same font as the Snap! logo text.



That was quick.
Yes and no.
It's good, I really like it...
but it could have a little improvements

What improvements?

The k being taller then the rest (not counting S and !) kinda bothers me

That font is Candara.

But... It is...