What do I call this?


an inconvenient way to display code

That's amazing. While it's kind of confusing that's a good way to make some code, especially obfuscating.

name it block reconstructor, that name is very straightforward so it is a good name

I don't think this is about displaying code but building code using the "VStack', "block inputs", and "simple block" blocks.
Rebuilding Functions script pic

Nice metaprogramming script!

Interesting idea. Sort of a tutorial introduction to the SPLIT BY BLOCKS data structure.

I don't understand why you can't have a length=1 stack.

I don't know about the magenta and green color combination! :~)

I think the block you call BLOCK INPUTS should be

You can, but it breaks some of the custom stack blocks since it wouldn't really be considered a stack anymore and just a normal block

edit1: what it has magenta and green

Oh, I see. I guess that's why they call it a "horror" game -- you have to look at magenta and green. :~P

its on steam

set[edit1 v]to[you can play it on store steampowered com/app/KinitoPET

set[edit2 v]to[(added dropdown)i can imagine you just saying you played kinitopet and the kids just getting confused ecxept that one kid that watched that gametheory video at youtube com/watch?v=iZU68NPuSwc

Not a gamer, even apart from being turned off by green with magenta.

Uhhh, What Game Theory video are you talking about here?

You were PROGRAMMED to click on this video!

...Ok, but I think it's supposed to be "on", not n.(COME ON RIGHT AS I WAS TYPING) Also, I don't really get it.


me 2. another device?

Wait, how were you able to put in the video if it's blocked for you as well?

i just put the link. nada mas.