What can a line break reporter do?

I literally made a block he returns a line break

untitled script pic 12

I don’t know what use this could be besides turning raw text with line breaks into a list using:

Anyone else knows what other use a line break character can do?

It can nicely format text.

Oh and you can SPLIT BY LINE: there's a "line" option in the SPLIT dropdown.

Never noticed it was a dropdown, cool!

Also, you can use UNICODE 10 AS LETTER to get a newline/line feed. (The 2-3 letter ASCII name for it is LF, short for "line feed".)

I don't know what you can use a Line break block for.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 08.37.42
example of using Unicode 10 to split text by line ^^

Nice block! I usually just use
unicode(10)as letter::operators reporter

Any other numbers you can turn into special characters?

Btw I don’t know Unicode so I didn’t know about (Unicode (10) as letter)

I don't know, but you can look it up! (Snap! uses ASCII codes, though, not Unicode.)

It does use Unicode, it's just that valid ASCII codes give the same result in Unicode.

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