What blocks can i put to make a clone clicked

/if clone clicked
that is the block


pic (1)

whats the grey block?

A comment. You don't need it, or the say block. It's just there for demonstration purposes.

That doesn't work, because my [other clones] does not include the clone that is running the script.

try this. this should give you a idea of how you can put a clone clicked. you just need to include all the clones. test if this works.
untitled script pic (1)

That will always be false, as a sprite (what the a new clone of block reports), is not equal to a number (what distance to mouse-pointer reports). I don't know where you coming at thinking that it'll work.

untitled script pic (7)
untitled script pic (8)and clicked of untitled script pic (6)
the problem is that snap doesn't have a of block and
untitled script pic (3) is not in a predicate. so you can't do this inless snap has a of block and snap also doesn't have this in a untitled script pic (3) in a predicate.
untitled script pic (9) I realized when I was in the kicten was that the blocks in the and block are reporters.we need the blocks in the predicate's. do you need these blocks in predicate, or can you have these blocks in reporters and predicates? I didn't know that reporter blocks I did not know "(what the a new clone of block reports)" isn't = to a number "(what distance to mouse-pointer reports)." I learned somthing new.

untitled script pic (6)

What about this?

I don't think that works for permanent clones.

However, I think that


It doesn't, but most people don't make permanent clones, in fact, I think not a lot of people know you can make them permanent.

But you can set a parent on a normal sprite, so that may not work always. Again, that is also a specific instance where it doesn't work, so most of the time it does.

In general, both (my [temporary]) and (my [parent]) will work most of the time, but there are specific instances where they don't work, and those instances don't come up a lot in projects.

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