What Are These Hidden Blocks?

I found them searching "c". Pic:
untitled script pic (11)

But I haven't turned that on, and I can only find them by searching.

Maybe you accidentally turned them on? Lemme check rq.

You can even if you don't turn it on

I have them to:

But if they are not enabled then why are they there?

That's odd.

Edit: Same with JS Function!


Why did Snap! create flat mode. It looks like scratch and the bubbly-ness and brightness of the editor.

Probably for those who prefer Scratch 3's ui.


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What does


:heart: Your canceled

have to do with this?

It was off topic, ok back fo this. How do you use these blocks if I try to press help nothing pops up.

You should respect people's opinions.

The Open...>Examples>Codification example is probably the best guide. (yet)

There are, these days, lots of hidden blocks in Snap!. For example, we have a ≤ block that you can find by grabbing a < block and choosing "relabel" from its context menu.

The general idea behind hidden blocks isn't that they're really secrets; we just keep them out of the way of beginners. This is partly to avoid overwhelming real beginners, but, more importantly, there are a bunch of generally useful blocks that are also excellent programming problems for people using Snap! as students in a CS course. (≤ is a great example. There are several ways to write it, some more elegant than others.)

Because they're not secrets, we expose them in block search.

Over time we've moved more and more in the direction of providing primitives that could have been written in Snap!. Higher order functions are the most important example; they're one of the central ideas we want to teach, and the climax of BJC is writing them recursively, but we want people to be able to use them before the end of the course, and versions written in Snap! are just too slow for people to want to use them. If we'd invented this idea of hiding primitives behind Relabel at the time of Snap! 5.0, we might have done that for the HOFs.

JSFunction is exceptional in that it doesn't work unless you enable it in the settings. That's a reason to hide it, except in dev mode.

Ah. BTW what is "BJC"?

Beauty and Joy of Computing

Beauty and Joy...
See https://bjc.edc.org

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