What are the community guidelines on snap?

What are the community guidelines on snap? I am new.

Not the tos the community guidelines like for comments and stuff.

Commenting is not a feature yet. If you are talking about the forum, the forum FAQ section starts with guidelines on how to behave here.

No i ment commenting on the form.

I see but I also said

Please read the whole post that you reply to!

Community guidelines: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Well, it's true, right? If you think about what you do, you don't need guidelines from an external authority. (And if you're a deliberate bad guy, you don't read guidelines anyway.)

Jesus said: "love your neighbor as yourself"

He was a good rabbi.

more then that

Okay, I should have cut this off a couple of iterations ago, so this is parly my fault too, but you and I are now both going to stop hijacking other people's threads to talk about religion.

ok, I will restrict our future religion conversations to the "life of brian topic"
you also said

instead of "partly"