What are all of the un-unlisted URLs?

I found this, which kind of caught my eye.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 14.29.05

"unlisted extension url". Hmm, there could be some accepted URLs.
I expect some to be the mirror URLs, like media.mit.edu or bjc.edc.org, but I'm curious as to what they all are, or at least most of them are. :slight_smile:

the development version is one of them, I think.

I'm sure the development version is hosted on the main site, so it would be listed by default.

I'm curious, where did you get that block (could you change the screenshot out for a result pic?)

I made it. It's part of my Extension Blocks project. Don't want to give out too much info :wink:

But it's just the src_load() primitive.

Okay. Cool!

According to the source code, the whitelisted urls are:

yeah, thats where the code from the official libraries are hosted