What apps do we not need in SnipOS?

For the next version, I want to make it really fast. So what apps do we not need for OS7?

what do you mean by fast? i doubt removing programs will make it faster, you never run more than one program at a time. where is it slow and in what way?

you can run multiple programs.

Can you create a tutorial on how to make apps for SnipOS? Because I kind of want to incorporate a (dumb) AI bot.

EDIT: Speaking of apps...is "You're Late" in SnipOS?

Sigh. Are you trying to add my AI to Snip OS? Because that's not going to happen.

I had to get rid of it at last second, because the name of the costumes was interfering with costumes in other scenes. (that's why I name most of my costumes like "76584967548390%^&*#9.") I'll add it back and fix it in a future update.

And yes ill make a tutorial, it will save me a lot of time editing other people's apps.

what part is slow? i'll look into it, see if there's anything that can be optimized
if you're removing things, updates aren't really upgrades, just sidegrades, i wouldn't want that to happen

oh its not really slow, but like I feel like there might be some apps holding it back from being really fast

don't try to fix issues that don't exist. you could just have more apps!
if you really want it to be "really fast" you should first check if that's actually possible, not remove apps just to have nothing happen. you can make a copy of the project and just start removing stuff, and see if it's any faster. if it gets faster when something's removed, that's the slow part, and instead of removing it right away you should try to see if it can be made faster (or just tell me what the slow part is)

I won't...

Oh, okay. I hope it will be re-added again someday...

sure! like a snipos beta!

and yeah I'm going to add more apps

it will.

Okay, but if you run multiple programs at once, it's gonna lag anyway. It doesn't matter which ones you can and can't choose.

it wouldn't lag if the programs aren't slow