What is this place?
How did I find this?
Okay I saw a scratch 1.4 editor?
With a bunch of new blocks?
Why does it say title has been used?

Hi! This is the Snap! Forums. Snap! is a block-based coding language that is similar to Scratch, but more focused on computer science (adding things like first class data types and lambda) and geared towards an older audience.

You should probably check out (first) the Home Page/Community Site's About Page at https://snap.berkeley.edu/about, it has a lot of information, and then (second) Brian's introductory article.

EDIT: Yeah the post bh made really explains it better than I have-

Hi! Welcome to Snap!.

Is the "s" in your username for distance? I know about taking a third derivative of distance (velocity, acceleration, thrust) but what's the fourth derivative for?

The Snap! user interface is indeed copied from Scratch 1.4. We like it better than the later ones. :~) But we are an entirely separate code base.

We introduced user-defined blocks to the world of Scratch. They eventually added custom commands, but still not custom reporters or predicates. We also made blocks and scripts first class, which means basically that they can be used as data -- you can put one in a variable, you can make lists of them, they can be inputs to blocks, they can be reported by blocks. This turns out to be amazingly useful, because we can write higher order functions that take a function as input and, for example, call the function with each item of a list.

Lists, sprites, costumes, and sounds are also first class in Snap!.

We support operations on vectors and matrices by extending the domain of most scalar functions to include lists:

Lots more, check this out:
baby4.pdf (2.8 MB)

I can't answer "How did I find this?" :~)

TL;DR: We extend the target age range of Scratch to young adults who want a serious computer science platform.

Edit: Oops, pajamaclaws21 beat me!

Um...I'm afraid we can't answer all your questions. If you need help just try to make something and if it doesn't work ask for help.


(i cant mek links)
(thrust is just acceleration,its the opening of the thrust valve thats jerk)

Okay I see



Perfect for me!

This is Snap,with first class everything

You should really read the manual!

Which title did you use?
It may be used since there are 12000 topics here


Your welcome

this is quite literally the same exact questions i asked @oofpaste249 when i saw him using Snap! before i joined
(except it was "how did you find this?")

Also, you joined during a really great update :D

oh ok
hahah yahoooo!

Whoa. Since Jerk is already typically not differentiable, those later ones must be just isolated spikes to ±∞, no? Are they good for anything? (Note, I would never ask that about a mathematical topic, but we are now in physics rather than math.)

Edit: Wait, I get it, are you calling yourself a jerk? :~(

A Snap ! :~)
Is Pun Intended

I didn't invent them,maybe their just the third derivative's invention :confused:

Since we cannot have +- infinity on anything thats real,jerk is differentiable

C'mon, absolute value isn't differentiable at 0, and it shows up in physical things.

Physical things do not turn in a planck time.
Yeah they can do right angle reflects but it must take some distance and you may end up like a huge parabola or a huge catenary line

Okay, I guess you're right.

I posted something similar first, lol. (Unintentionally.)

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