Whaa is this?

So I searched for snap manual on my computer(i have some old versions of it)
and whaa is this?

Well, it looks like the snap 6.5 reference manual.

He is emphasizing about the werid picture that shouldn't be downloaded along with the manual

I have no idea what you're talking about.

This got downloaded along with the manual.

Well, it looks like metadata for a workflow of it

(Sorry, I should go to sleep)

Folks, please stop the senseless clutter and give this forum a chance to be a platform for learning, and not just a place to hang out and fool around!

Even though Jens wants y'all to quiet down, this question has an actual answer and I figure I should post it so that (with luck) it isn't asked again.

Producing a new version of the manual is a big complicated process, mainly for stupid reasons having to do with corporate feuds among Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft. This particular piece is to remove the advertising that Microsoft always puts in the metadata when you export a file from Word as a PDF. It's a small thing but it's nice that Apple gives us a way to automate such small things. Except that you have to edit the .workflow file each time to update the version number of the manual. :~(