Were am I? Help/Share/Tips

Hello there. I am now working on my biggest project yet! Were am I? https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=earthrulerr&project=Were%20am%20I%3F

I need some help with certain things like new scenes and some health stuff.

Also this is the longest single line code I have made:

I also need some help with character, I am not good at drawing on devices but I am good with actual pencils, I need someone to make drawings.

I can draw if you'd like, I'm pretty decent at drawing animals and some other things. What type of character do you need?

Demon creatures and people more like Teenagers.

I also need the character to have the walking version so that it is like an animation.


Oh. The walking part will be a bit hard very hard, seeing as how I lack the good art skill at drawing humans and humanoids but I'll try.


Ok try your best!

I fixed various bugs and now I just need a background, can someone make one?