well, love-its

Why not.
I need love-its, that one heart button.

Maybe even favorites, the star one.

but lol come on how do you show your appreciation for a project in this place

As long as you cannot see the love count I think it should be added.

Yeah sure why not

This way Snap! won’t be about fame like what’s happening with Scratch right now.


Yeah, with count (number of likes) hidden, but idk if the forum software even allows hiding the count.

I was talking about likes on projects

It doesn't make much sense to talk of hidden Likes. If they're hidden, what's the point?

We are going to have comments on projects, I promise. I realize that from a user perspective everything seems to take us forever, but believe me, we're not idle. Jens and Jadga and Bernat have to spend some of their time making SAP happy (not by working on non-Snap! things, just by working on Snap! things that SAP wants, some of which are good things anyway, like the MOOCs they build). I have to spend some of my time on BJC things. Michael and Joan have day jobs (although Michael's day job does fund a slice of his time for Snap!).

So, yeah, comments on projects. You show your appreciation for a project by talking about why you appreciate it, what's good about it, what it means to you, and maybe even ideas about how it could be even better. Trust me, one insightful comment about a project feels better than 100 hearts or stars.

They yell at me every time I make a prediction about when we'll get something done, but within a year, maybe even in 2020. Operative word, "maybe."

You make a topic about your project and others leave replies for you, that is how you show appreciation for a project here without love-its.

Seems weird, but also cool as more people will see your project.